GargNotre1Crop“His flailing arms and kicking feet went still. Maybe the sub-zero chill had numbed him from excruciating pain, but when he looked down at his body, it certainly didn’t suffer from the frostbite he had seen on other homeless companions. Under the creature’s grasp, a patch of grey coloring spread along his skin and with it came a wave of coldness.” — excerpt from GARGOYLE BOB novel

Gargoyles are the most forgotten creatures of the night. Vampires and werewolves grab all the headlines, but the gargoyles stay in the shadows. They are the true heroes of the underworld, but how they came about is largely unknown. Vampires and werewolves are turned from the bite of another, but what about gargoyles? Were they bitten, born that way, or are they really some kind of space vampire that turns people into stone by sucking away their souls?

We researched the Church’s gargoyle legend and found puzzles that obscured any real answers. We found hidden clues in the art of old stain glass windows and forgotten lore within the pages of historical documents. We unraveled a Da Vinci code type mystery to discover the truth behind the origin of the gargoyles and their patron, Saint Romain.

GARGOYLE BOB reveals the true origin of gargoyles for the very first time. The secrets behind ancient legends unfold in the hidden worlds of present day Chicago. Amidst gleaming sky scrapers, creatures of the night and deities that have forgotten their true selves walk among the more human citizens. Gargoyle Bob even discovers a nether dimension to the Criminal Underworld and the Chicago Way. But he must also deal with a renegade gargoyle that threatens to raise an Undead Army and plunge the world into eternal darkness.

Thank God he has back-up; the Sisters of Jeanne d’Arc, nuns with guns that will blast away any spawn of Satan as they keep watch over the gargoyles.

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  1. Lanna says:

    Cannot wait for the novel and the movie! Love the premise… Dark Humor

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