Present Day

CoverWeb“From a distance, the streets and building canyons of any city look majestic. Chicago’s skyline dazzles with the best of them, especially at night. But all Neverlands glitter in the distance, only up close can you see the nooks and dark places where wrong turns might occur.” — Excerpt from GARGOYLE BOB novel

The secrets behind ancient legends unfold in the hidden worlds of present day Chicago. Amidst gleaming sky scrapers, creatures of the night and deities that have forgotten their true selves walk among the more human citizens. Even the criminal underworld of the Chicago Way has its own nether dimension and demonic mob bosses.

To this urban mix, an archeological raid of Parrish Antiquities unleashes a renegade gargoyle upon the city. Gargoyle Mercadier, the Church’s most infamous gargoyle, intends to plunge the world into eternal darkness and free himself from the stone curse that imprisons all gargoyles during the day.

Gargoyle Bob must deal with the ancient terror. Thank God he has back-up; the Sisters of Jeanne d’Arc, nuns with guns that will blast away any spawn of Satan as they keep watch over the gargoyles.

But who is Gargoyle Bob?

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  1. Anthony Brown says:

    I am loving the birth and potential story line of Gargoyle Bob. I live in Chicago, deal with crime, love comic books and sci-fi along with fantasy so as I was reading up on Stan Shaw, one of my favorite actor’s I discovered his involvement in the GB project. I’m looking forward to the story!!!! The supernatural mafia or the human kind it all boils down to hoodlums who need to be dealt with.

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