Officer Kincaid

OfficerIf there were ever an Order of the Woeful Countenance, Kincaid’s solemn face and dark eyes would have deputized him to ride shotgun in that company. At the moment those strife-worn eyes glared at a threat that circled around him.” — Excerpt from GARGOYLE BOB novel.

Officer Marcus R. Kincaid is a veteran policeman of the Chicago Police Force. Often passed up for promotion, he is a beloved figure in the local community. “He makes our streets feel safe,” says Grandma Zee, a local food cart vendor.

Prior to becoming a police officer, Kincaid grew up on the streets of Chicago and was a Golden Gloves champion. He can remember the hostility directed at the police force after the death of Black Panther leader, Fred Hampton. While others in his neighborhood blamed law enforcement for the shooting, Kincaid vowed to turn the power of the police into something good for the community.

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