Monsignor Louis

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“The Bishop of Rouen’s Office was a perfect fit for the Monsignor’s puppet master skills.  In another life he would have been a natural as a Chief of Staff for the White House or the Armed Forces.  But with the gathering clouds of battle, he dearly missed the opportunity to take direct action on the frontlines.” — Excerpt from GARGOYLE BOB novel

Monsignor Louis is the Vicar General for the Office of the Bishop of Rouen. While all routine parish activities of Rouen are handled by the archdiocese based in the city, the Office of the Bishop is actually housed in Rome. This office is thought to be mainly symbolic and maintained in honor of the contributions that St. Romain made to the early Church.

Along with liturgical duties, Monsignor Louis serves as liaison for the Bishop of Rouen to the Sisters of Jeanne d’Arc. As such, he works closely with a Sister appointed from the order to be his counterpart.

His administrative skills during the renovation of the Secret Vatican Archives has been praised. His help was instrumental in the eventual publication of the Third Message of Fatima.

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