Alexis Parrish

Alexis“In a black silk dress with sequined details on the bodice, Alexis had Helen of Troy beauty with the raw sensuality to be Miss-whatever-month she wanted.  But Steiger was certain she indulged in something other than plastic surgery to keep herself young.” — Excerpt from GARGOYLE BOB novel

Alexis Parrish is the CEO of Parrish Antiquities. She assumed leadership of the gallery after the sudden death of her father. Parrish Antiquities conducts its own archaeological expeditions and then sells select artifacts to fund its work on historic preservation.

Critics of her organization charge that Parrish Antiquities destroys native cultures for profit. Dr. Michele Grace has decried their efforts as “grave robbers for the upper class.” But Parrish Antiquities has been frequently lauded by environmentalists as the leading “green company” in the field. The company also prides itself on the donations and social work it does with local communities.

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