Michele Grace

Michele“Michele didn’t always eat chocolates this way; she wasn’t that compulsive.  Sometimes she consumed them in diagonals, square shapes, and occasionally spiraled around the edges of the box until she reached the center.  Orderly and precise, just like how she arranged grenades next to flash bangs.” — Excerpt from GARGOYLE BOB novel

Dr. Michele Grace earned her doctorate in Sacred Archeology at Harvard University. While she had a productive research career, her rate of publications fell off after her graduate years. But her work remains highly respected and she is considered as one of the leading authorities of artifacts associated with St. Joan of Arc.

In recent years, Dr. Grace has led protests against corporate archeology expeditions that “rob and plunder entire cultures.” Perhaps highest on her list of commercial raiders is Parrish Antiquities. Dr. Grace has been involved in a number of heated public exchanges with its CEO, Alexis Parrish.

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