Mother Superior

MotherS“Mother Superior watched over everyone and shot anything that needed shooting with her Colt M1911 automatic.  Its black metal engraved with runes and bone white grip carved from ogre tusk matched the color of her standard nun habit and was the only form of vanity she had ever indulged while at her current rank.” — Excerpt from GARGOYLE BOB novel

Few can remember a time when the Mother Superior of the Sisters of Jeanne d’Arc was not at her post. Rumors exist that she first came to the order after the death of her parents. Her mother was killed in a car accident and although her father survived the crash, it’s believed that he died a few months later at home during a full moon.

Mother Superior first became a Sister and earned her way to the top of the order. She has been praised for making the Convent more open to the local community, famously throwing the doors open for the survivors of Hurricane Katrina. During that dark time, the Sisters led by Mother Superior cared for New Orleans when no outside help arrived.

To this day, store owners still leave donations of beignets and cafe au lait at the Convent.

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