Characters“Exotic cuisine for Officer Kincaid used to be a hot dog served without a bun, but Grandma Zee’s food cart had gotten him to try some new things. Now he liked kielbasa with a squirt of sriracha from the large green-tipped bottle on her condiment shelf and coming here beat the hell out of a doughnut shop.” — Excerpt from GARGOYLE BOB novel

The world of Gargoyle Bob exists in present day Chicago and its dimensions that exist beyond the eyes of most straight-up humans. We have included brief descriptions of some of the main characters. We will also post images of them as Ted Boonthanakit draws character sketches of each person.

We would love to hear your casting suggestions of possible actors for each role. See if one of your favorite actors might be perfect for a particular character.


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  1. Shawn Hayes says:

    I absolutely can not wait for the novel and the idea of seeing this on the big screen is overwhelming. This movie will be incredible!

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