CoverMedWebGARGOYLE BOB started as a script that won Best Screenplay at the New York City Horror Film Festival. Held yearly at the Tribeca Film Center in downtown Manhattan, the NYC Horror Film Festival is America’s largest and most recognized genre film festival. Founder of the festival, Michael J. Hein said of the script: “A rip roaring fun ride! Gargoyle Bob has everything going for it and could easily become a franchise blockbuster.”

Drawn by the potential of the Gargoyle Bob world, Vincent Ho & Stan Shaw have also completed a sequel screenplay, GARGOYLE BOB & THE FOUR HORSEMEN. The second movie draws Gargoyle Bob into a global conflict — elements of the world’s great religions gather their own Four Horsemen to purge all iniquity and most of mankind from the face of the planet.

Film animatic of a gargoyle fight scene – Ted Boonthanakit

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