Sisters of Jeanne d’Arc

Sister MicheleCrop“She rang the convent bell. The solemn knell marked the start of Angelus prayers, feast days, rites of initiation, and on occasion, the death of a Sister. But beyond its baritone quality, Mother Superior was most pleased that the sound of the bell carried across the city as a warning to all — her Sisters stood the watch. — Excerpt from GARGOYLE BOB novel

The Sisters of Jeanne d’Arc are a religious order of nuns whose patron saint is Joan of Arc. As Joan used her courage and skills to fight, the Sisters of Jeanne d’Arc also train for battle to conduct their missions. Like other religious orders, they take vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience.

But it is their fourth vow that sets them apart. By papal decree, the Sisters of Jeanne d’Arc swear to battle the creatures of evil and stand watch over the gargoyles. Technically, there are two parts to this vow, but sometimes both portions of the vow come into play whenever they face a rogue gargoyle. At that point they must battle the very creatures they were sworn to protect.

The Convent of the Sisters of Jeanne d’Arc is based in New Orleans. Publicly, they are known for their “Heavenly Hash,” a candy that is a delightful mix of chocolate, pecans, and marshmallows. It’s presumed that their location was chosen because the very name of the city gives honor to Jeanne as the “Maid of Orleans.” But this city actually sits at the crossroads of multiple dimensions and different faiths.

New Orleans is a lone outpost of Catholicism deep within the Protestant Bible Belt, infused with a cultural gumbo of Indian, French, African, Spanish, English, Creole, and Cajun influences. Its melange of street funerals and above ground tombs, gris-gris amulets etched with verses of the Qur’an, the usage of Hail Mary and Lord’s Prayer in voodoo practices, and paintings of St. Peter in the same frame with Li Grand Zombi the snakedeity, allow the Sisters to keep an eye on the supernatural world. The wild celebrations and mystic crewes of Mardi Gras also provide them ample cover for their covert activities.

The Sisters of Jeanne d’Arc works closely with the Bishop’s Office of Rouen and his Templar Knights. But it is their Mother Superior that leads the order. No one crosses Mother Superior.


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